UML Testing Profile™(UTP) 2.0

UML Ecosystem

UML Ecosystem

As software becomes increasingly pervasive, the need for quality and reliability in software systems continues to increase. Model-based methods have been an important development in helping organizations build software with higher quality. Prior to the development of the UML Testing Profile™ (UTP), UML® (which is the most popular modeling language) did not have support for testing-related activities.

In 2001, a working group at the Object Management Group (OMG®) started developing a UML Profile dedicated to Model-based testing, called UML Testing Profile (UTP). It is a standardized language based on OMG’s Unified Modeling Language™ (UML®) for designing, visualizing, specifying, analyzing, constructing, and documenting the artifacts commonly used in and required for various testing approaches, in particular model-based testing (MBT) approaches. UTP shall have the potential for model-based testing approaches as UML for model-driven system engineering.

UTP is a part of the UML ecosystem, and as such, it can be combined with other profiles of that ecosystem in order to associate test-related artifacts with other relevant system artifacts, e.g. requirements, risks, use cases, business processes, system specifications etc. This enables requirements engineers, system engineers and test engineers to bridge the communication gap among different engineering disciplines.

As the interest in Model-based testing approaches and languages of the industry increases, UTP started to attract more and more users. Until today, UTP is the only available, standardized language for Model-based approaches to validation and verification of software-intensive systems. Model-based test specifications expressed with the UML Testing Profile are independent to any methodology, domain or type of system.

UTP Working Group

Atego, United Kingdom and USA

OMG and external member organization

Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany

OMG member organization

Grand Software Testing, USA.

OMG and external member organization

Hamburg University of Applied Science, Germany

OMG and external member organization

KnowGravity Inc., Switzerland

OMG and external member organization


OMG and external member organization

Simula Research Lab, Norway

OMG and external member organization


OMG member organization

Change History

UML Testing Profile

The current version is found at: Current

OMG Formal Versions Of UTP

Version Release date URL
1.2 April 2013
1.1 April 2012
1.0 July 2005

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The primary contact for this specification: Marc-Florian Wendland

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